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The vertical development in urban communities is very clear by taking a look at the private residential apartment complexes, shopping centers, multi-storeyed office spaces, technology parks, etc.

These days, there are a few choices to residing in an apartment than an individual house.

Apartments are presently found in different categories such as studios, builder floors, penthouse, etc.

Type of space you get for your family depends on multiple factors including lifestyle, location and budget place a major role in taking up the decision.

As you begin to research that perfect place, you might be surprised by the types of spaces which are been made available.

As you might have decided on your own, there are many options when it comes to buying apartments.

Kumar Builders allow you to have a wide range of home options by the style that interests you the most.

Depending on your price, choice of neighborhood and living situation, you will need to make a decision on the type of apartments to live in.

There are distinctive types of apartments classified by size, features, and utility. Here are a couple of various types of apartments:

Penthouse Apartments:

A penthouse condo is a luxury apartment that is set on the best most floor of the structure.

These apartments have excellent views of the skyline and the scene.

Galleries and rooftop top decks are the extraordinary highlights of a Penthouse Apartment.

Studio Apartments:

These apartments are extravagant of the craftsmen. Studio apartments are moderately smaller flats that have Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom integrated well inside one single room.

They are additionally prominent as Bachelor Apartment or Efficiency Apartment.

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Apartments possessed by an individual however where different individuals come to live in a similar house is a Condominium or a Condo.

The owner leases the apartment to a small set of people who in turn pay a periodic whole of cash for their stay in such condos.

High Rise Apartments:

Found to a great extent in the metropolitan urban communities because of crumpled nature of homes in central parts of the city owing to the huge population, skyscraper condos are tall structures offering for the most part 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK apartments.

They are found generally in the exterior areas of metropolitan urban cities with state of art structures.

Low Rise Apartments:

In contrast with High Rise Apartments, low rise condo is relatively smaller structures with limited space but offer more privacy and are negotiable in terms of lease and rent.

They have lifts and come with all the facilities. Located in the central part of the city which is known for extravagant land rates.

Convertible Apartment:

A studio apartment which has a plan that can be upgraded to make the number of rooms based on choice.

The walls used to make are flexible by nature and offer extraordinary utility and privacy in these apartments.


A huge room in the building that has been changed to a private space from business one is a Loft.

Since they, for the most part, have large spaces, lofts can be changed over into studio or 2 BHK or even 3 BHK condos.

Garden Apartments:

Apartments with easy access to the garden are called Garden Apartments.

They can be found in the backyard or in the front of the apartment depending upon the plan of the home.

Usually, the main part of the condo is on the ground floor, these apartments have bigger windows which look upon these garden areas.

Duplex or Triplex Apartments:

Apartments with two stories and a common passage with a private staircase to achieve the first floor are known as Duplex Apartment while a condo with 3 stories is known as a Triplex.

These are luxury apartments that offer included space for more rooms as their structure is optimized for it.

Service Apartments:

These apartments are prevalent for the extravagance and privacy they offer.

Generally held for a little period of time, these condos are extravagant of voyagers searching down a short stay in the city or revelers looking for individual space.

The charges for such apartment suites differ by the reason and season

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