green man of pune-lalit kumar jain

Green Man of Pune-Lalit Kumar Jain

Civil engineer-turned multi-project developer Lalit Kumar Jain nicknamed as the “Green man of Pune” for his eco-friendly nature, who has been elected as the Chairman of Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI) has vowed to take up the issue of transparency in real estate deals.

Mr Lalit Kumar Jain the sole proprietor of Kumar Builders KUL and is nicknamed as the “Green Man of Pune” for his eco-friendly nature. Mr Lalit Kumar Jain Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering with great Engineering and Management skills, Kumar Builders stands out to be one of the Best Builders in Pune.

Mr Lalit Kumar Jain has been the Managing Director of Kumar Urban Development Limited (KUL) also known as Kul Kumar Builders since February 3, 2003. He started his career as a supervisor in a Pune based company and contributed to make it handsome profits.

With company motto “We Build Trust” he practises what he preaches.

Lalit Kumar Jain started with the development of 35,000 sq ft within very short tenure of 5 years he delivered 1.4 million sq ft spaces.

He has carved a niche for himself in Pune construction with more than 100 projects and over 14,000 tenements, setting a benchmark and trust.

Apart from residential complexes, 1 BHK Flat in Pune, He developed IT Buildings, Retail Malls, IT Park and communities.

Small wonders and over a period of time his business grew and Kumar Builders quickly became a name for quality real estate in Pune.

Lalit Kumar Jain holds Partnerships at Kumar Builders Conso, Kumar Sons, Kruti Family Trust, Kumar Builders Mumbai, Techno Lifestyle Development Corporation, Avi Constructions and Kumar Developer. Mr Lalit Kumar Jain has been related to CREDAI ideal from its beginning.

Mr Lalit Kumar Jain is the winner of Man of the Year in the year 2008 by Accommodation Times, Rashtriya Udyog Samman Puraskar for individual achievements in economic development in 2006, Pune Ratna Award for contribution in the social and business field.

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His uncommon thinking power and Skill to build trust in the people has helped Kumar Builders KUL to be one of the most renowned, trusted and Best Builders in Pune.

Kumar Builder Chairman and Lalit Kumar Jain, Chairman of KUL are the elected Chairman of Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India or CREDAI, which pledged to take up the issue of straightforwardness in real estate deals.

Mr Jain plans for CREDAI said the developer community as such has been facing several problems relating to transparency in transactions. Mr Lalit Kumar Jain added “We at CREDAI have planned to tackle with this problem head-on and ensure customer delight in our transactions. We are also keen to ensure that customer relationship management gets a new meaning in real estate.”

Lalit Kumar Jain has been associated with CREDAI right from its inception. As the first convener of CREDAI national convention in Vigyan Bhawan, he is also credited for mobilizing the largest number of the developer on one platform. He has been the Vice President of CREDAI twice and has significantly contributed to the organization’s activities and representations on policy and legal issues.

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