Kruti Jain Achievements

Kruti Jain Achievements

Kruti Jain, CEO of Kumar Builders (KUL), is a success story by herself. As the leader of the organization, Ms Jain leads by example. Through her personal efforts, hard work, and dedication, she has risen to become one of the stalwarts of Pune’s real estate industry.

The Making of a Professional! 

Kruti Jain started her education in real estate at the tender age of 15. Her father and mentor, Mr Lalitkumar Jain, ensured that she got as much exposure as possible. For two years, she worked across 23 departments at KUL, understanding all the nuances of working in real estate and running an organization.

Mr Jain also ensured that Kruti created her network of contacts early. He introduced her to some of the brightest minds from various industries, with whom she could converse and get her queries answered.

Bitten by the real estate bug, and determined to make future in the same, Ms Jain even chose to take up law rather than architecture, as it is an essential subject when working in real estate.

With her education complete, Ms Jain made her official entry into the business as Executive Director. Over the years, she has risen through the ranks, and now holds the esteemed position as CEO of Kumar Builders (KUL).

At KUL, Ms Jain is responsible for developing and executing business strategies that will support the company’s growth. She spearheads all new business projects undertaken by KUL.

She also holds many positions in the organization, including head of sales, marketing, customer relations, and media technology.

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Positions of Prestige:

Known by all as a dynamic professional and entrepreneur, Kruti Jain has had the opportunity to gain many illustrious positions in various organizations:
•· She is the youngest member of the managing committee of The Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI).
•· She holds the position of Convener of the Real Estate Academy of Developers and City Greening Committee at CREDAI, Pune.
•· She is also the chairman of bulletin NSDC (National Skill Development Centre).
•· Ms Jain is also Convener at PBAP Labor Welfare Committee.

Laurels of Success:

Kruti Jain has made KUL proud by being awarded numerous awards and citations. A few well-known accolades include:
•· Won the Youngest Entrepreneur Award at Top Management Consortium (TMC) Awards of Excellence (2004-2005)
•· Young Icon of the Year, and Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year awards by Builder Information Bureau (BIB) (2011).
•· Presented with Yuva Entrepreneurship Award from the Pune Real Estate Summit & Excellence Awards (2008).

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Cultivating Social Responsibility:

Personally and professionally, Kruti Jain believes in conducting activities that will benefit the public and society. With KUL, she has conducted a variety of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects.
•· The organization also started the “Gunwatta Vikas Yojana”. The aim of this initiative was to promote education in rural areas of Maharashtra.
•· KUL provides health and wellness facilities to construction workers on an intermittent basis.
•· KUL also undertakes labour health camps at different sites in and around Pune.
•· The organization has also worked on different initiatives to maintain environmental sustainability.

KUL conceptualizes and supports activities regarding issues such as water conservation, solid waste management, environmental education, and Green Pune activities

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