Kruti Kumar Jain

Kruti Kumar Jain

Kruti Kumar Jain

Kruti Kumar Jain, CEO of Kumar Builders (KUL) is the youngest real estate entrepreneur of India. As the pioneer of the industry, Ms Jain shows others how it’s done.

Through her own endeavours, diligent work, and commitment, she has risen to become one of the stalwarts of Pune’s real estate industry. 

Her success story started with a dream 

Kruti Kumar Jain – youngest real estate entrepreneur of India started her education in real estate at the tender age of 15. Most children went for some exotic place in their summer vacation but Kruti used to go to the office with her father when she is in eighth grade.

As Mr Lalit Jain has a restricted schedule and he seems very busy to take care of the venture. She spent one and a half month in the office with her father and saw him working relentlessly.

After the office, she used to ask questions about the business and carry a small notepad to record all the points which help her to understand all the perspective and that moment she found her passion.

Kruti is always been very creative and this is the place where you can unfold all the creativity. 

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Her father Mr Lalit Kumar Jain guide her and ensured that she got much exposure as many as possible. For two years, she continuously worked in 23 departments at KUL, getting into the depth of business. 

Mr Jain created her network contact at the initial stage. He introduced her to some of the masterminds from numerous industries, with whom she could discuss and get her queries resolved.

After completing her education, Ms Kruti Kumar Jain made her official presence in the business

With the position of Executive Director. As the day passed, she has risen through the position, and now holds the most esteemed position as CEO of Kumar Builders (KUL) also rank in the youngest real estate entrepreneur of India.

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Laurels of accomplishment

KUL is delighted with the numerous honours and citations awarded to Kruti Jain.

Winner of Youngest Entrepreneur Award at Top Management Consortium (TMC).

Award of Excellence (2004 – 2005).

Young Icon of the year.

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Years awards by Builder Information Bureau (BIB) (2011).

Yuva Entrepreneurship Award from the Pune Real Estate Summit & Excellence Awards (2008).

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Creating Social Culture

Kruti Jain, young real estate entrepreneur of India belives in conducting a numerous Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects to maintain a healthy work environment. 

  • Kumar Builders has also worked on different environmental sustainability initiatives.
  • Health and wellness facility to the construction manpower.
  • KUL also started the “Gunwatta Vikas Yojana”. The objective was to encourage education in rural areas of Maharashtra.
  • KUL also organise labour health camps at every site in Pune and other neighbouring cities as well.

Kumar Builders KUL supports and conceptualizes activities regarding significant issues such as solid waste management, water conservation, environmental education, and Green Pune movements. All are under the supervision of Kruti Kumar Jain youngest real estate entrepreneur of India.

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