Kumar Builder’s Most Impactful CSR Initiatives

Kumar Builder’s CSR Initiatives

Kumar Builder’s Corporate Social Welfare

Every human interest is coordinated towards driving a more satisfying life. In any case, everything would be futile if the community where we live is pervaded with violations or smoulders visible will be among individuals of various financial strata.
So as to elevate the states of underprivileged individuals in the public arena and render the general mood progressively, everybody including real estate developers has a task to play.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities are an extraordinary method to praise the soul of humankind wherein social welfare deeds can be done with an offer of benefits from real estate sales.

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Kumar Builders

Top builder in Pune as a group understands that success in business is deeply rooted in the progress of the society. The group intends to improve society by helping poor and destitute areas of individuals and society. Being a decent corporate resident is basic to the gathering’s corporate motivation behind propelling the manner in which individuals live and work.

Kumar Builders as a group has taken several initiatives towards fulfilling its basic philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility which includes education and medical facilities. Pursuing tree plantation and encouraging sports.

At Kumar Builders KUL, we endeavour not just to build homes but build and create great communities. Our confidence in being responsive and sympathetic towards our customers goes past undertaking advancement and our essential centre lies in being touchy to the networks inside which we flourish. We set elevated expectations for ourselves and measure our prosperity by how well we can satisfy our financial, ecological and social obligations.

At Kumar Builders, we have constantly taken a functioning interest and routinely take an interest in the social welfare of the communities around us by rendering help for the improvement of the general population in the encompassing areas.

Kumar Builders has an active participation and also initiated an extensive and sustainable development program for society by focusing mainly on education, environmental issues and slum rehabilitation.

A unique project was introduced for slum dwellers in the Erandwane-Kalewadi area under the slum rehabilitation project as per SRA, a scheme launched by the state government. Under this scheme 2BHK semi-furnished apartment of 269 sq, ft carpet area for slum dwellers was initiated, with a vision to provide decent living conditions for slum dwellers so that they have a great future and a firm room above their heads.

A Talent harnessing project called Gunvatta Vikas Yojana which is in action since 10 years in the memory of late Shri Kesarimalji H Oswal for around 6000 students and 500 schools across Maharashtra. The main aim is to create confidence in underprivileged students through an overall development of their skills so that they have a good and bright future and be the leaders of tomorrow.

Every year employees of Kumar Builders, Pune widely renowed as the best builders in Pune, plant around 1000 saplings and participate in clean city drive, which play an active role to fight against global warming.

Gunwatta Vikas Yojana

“Gunwatta Vikas Yojana” formerly known as Adarsh Vidya Mandir was started by its founder Shri Lalitkumar Kesarimal Jain Chairman and Managing Director of “Kumar Urban Development Limited” (KUL) in the memory of Late Shri Kesarimalji H. Oswal with the sole purpose of Education as a core, a social cause and a pure intention of promoting education in the rural areas of Maharashtra and uplifting the standard of students in the rural areas by conducting various activities.

Idea inspired by Prof. Shri. P. D. Puranik the Headmaster of S.M.Joshi Vidyalaya, Pune along with an expert team of well-educated dignitaries from the field of education who have created benchmarks and exceeded in their commitments.

The team included Prof. Late Shri. P. G. Vaidya and Prof. Late Shri Jayant Tribhuvan who have contributed in a big way for the success of Gunwatta Vikas Yojana. Currently, the team includes Prof. Shri P. D. Patil and Prof. Dyaneshwar Bhanage who are working hand in hand with Shri. P. D. Puranik to ensure the main goal of the Gunwatta Vikas Yojana is been meets.

Gunwatta Vikas Yojana has completed its successful journey of 10 years, since its establishment in the year 2000. Started with few schools in the rural areas and today has to its credit over more than 200 schools in the rural as well as in the city of Pune.
Gunwatta Vikas Yojana has been successful in spreading its wing to cater to the needs of education for the students in the rural areas of Purandar, Maval, Mulshi, Bhor, Haveli and Pune City.

Annual gatherings are organized by the Gunwatta Vikas Yojana and winners are distributed gifts like Dhol, Tasha, Harmonium, Lezim, Zanjha, Tabla and many more. Sports day is also organized by the Gunwatta Vikas Yojana for all the schools periodically.

The teachers of all the schools are called together or group wise and the entire Gunwatta Vikas Yojana with its purpose is explained to all the teachers so as to make them aware of the intention and purpose of the Gunwatta Vikas Yojana in order to strive hard to achieve 100% result. This is done thrice in a year.

The Gunwatta Vikas Yojana also helps in developing the personality of the students by guiding them in various aspects of life, may it be in school or at home such as cleanliness in the surrounding, respect for elders, overall behavior in school or in public whenever they move around in a mob, manners and etiquettes, lessons on Unity.

The welfare of Construction workers and helping Education

Kumar Builders believe in their workers and are steel nerves of the construction industry. To ensure their physical and mental health & safety of the workers, good accommodation is provided at the site as also hygienic drainage facility, pure and potable water supply and electricity supply are provided.

Also for the safety of children of labors working on site and also with the purpose of educating them, the mobile creche is provided at sites. The children are taught poems, alphabets, drawing, craft, making sculpture, paper bags, etc.

Other than providing mobile creche at all sites for educating children of construction workers, KUL has started with Adarsh Vidya Mandir Yojana in 2001 for below average students. 200 schools have enrolled in these 5 years from Pune and Haveli Taluka.

The focus of this Yojana is mainly on rural areas and to integrate a group of intelligent students with intellectually average or below average students. The intelligent students will teach intellectually below average students during lunch hours or after school hours. Since this programme is carried out, the results can be seen by an increase in the percentage of passing students.

Kumar Builders are the only Builders in Pune who is committed to supporting this endeavor and we appeal to you to join hands. We at Kumar Builders not only provide some of the best world-class feature rich and amenities to our customers buying their dream homes, but also contribute towards society and welfare of masses.

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