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The colours of our being – the saffron colour brings the meaning of faunder’s name Lalit Kumar Jain and symbol of prosperity, the yellow brings beauty and simplicity and the green brings our responsibility and care for nature and growth. It encompasses our humble origins and vision for a green future.

The difference that matters. People.

Our people are our biggest strength at Kumar Builders. We take anthropology to the depths of our work culture by understanding our work force with equal passion, and creating a work culture conducive to mutual growth. We belive in empowering this strength and aligning our growth with theirs.

The testimony to our belief system is our people itself. Some of them have been with us since 50 years. Some have grown from being a peon to being the head administration. There are many such stories in the Kumar Builders family.

The heart is where the action is :

Real stories are always at the heart of action. Challenges get to their peak and intellectual capacities are dared for solutions. Philosophies get their real meanings and values unfold their hidden strengths. Amidst the stone and gravel at our construction sites, amidst the tools and equipment we use, amidst the bricks and walls and mortar, you’ll find what we truly stand for. Our heart. Our work.

For 55 Years Kumar Builders has seen the evolution of people and participated and led the complimenting evolution of real estate. From wadas to single buildings, mass housing to midincome living, small societies to mega townships, we’ve done it all.

Kumar Builders focused uncompromisingly on understanding customer needs and building quality structures in the residential, commercial and recreatinal industry. Today Kumar Builders has spread its wings far beyond.

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